Intensive Outpatient Program


At Take Action Recovery our focus is on treating addiction as well as the underlying thought processes that keep an addict in an unhealthy living pattern. Our outpatient program offers a part-time, yet intensive alternative to inpatient treatment, providing our clients with the ability to seek help while still attending work, school, or other commitments. Our outpatient program provides clients with an opportunity to practice the skills learned in treatment while benefiting from the accountability and support of the group. Our group and individual sessions seek to educate and equip our patients with the tools to achieve long term sobriety. We view outpatient as a safe place to learn the skills to deal with life on life’s terms and practice them in real time.


We accept all major forms of insurance as well as cash and checks. We also offer several different payment plans. Our primary purpose is the recovery of each client on an individual basis. If we can’t find a plan that fits your needs, we will help you find a the right treatment program for you, even if that isn’t with us. If you are seeking help for your addiction or alcoholism, call today to talk to one of our admissions specialists. They will get you started down the path to a life that is happy, joyous, and free.


Family Support


Addiction greatly affects the security and well being of a family. If you are concerned for a loved one that is dealing with substance abuse problems, we are here to offer help. Our committed staff has over 100 years combined experience in the field of recovery. Recovery isn’t just our job, it’s a way of life. Call us today to talk to one of our admissions specialists. They will take you step by step through our program and help plan the best treatment plan for your loved one.

Professional Support

At Take Action, we extend our most sincere welcome to professionals seeking help for their drinking/drug problem. One thing we know for sure about addiction is that it does not discriminate. Addiction and alcoholism are diseases that affect people from all walks of life. No one asks to develop cancer or diabetes in the same way no one asks to suffer from addiction and alcoholism. Addiction is a disease that also requires treatment. Seeking treatment for addiction and alcoholism is a very brave thing to do. Taking action to make a positive change in your life is an incredible undertaking—one that cannot be done on willpower alone.


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Take Action Recovery - IOP

Established in 2017

• Intensive Outpatient Treatment facilitated by our staff led by a Licenced Chemical Dependency Counselor with over 50 years of experience
• Clinical director specializes in addiction medicine/dual diagnosis

• 8-12 weeks at 3 hours a day, 4 times per week

• Individual and family sessions according to patient needs

• Strong alumni base and aftercare