Sober Living Houston

Established in 2009

• 5 spacious homes located in Spring Branch housing a maximum capacity of 70 men

• Staff consisting solely of recovering addicts/alcoholics and
certified Recovery Coaches

• Structured accountability dictated by each individual’s tailored plan*

• Limited transportation provided; close access to public

• Job assistance

* SLH believes in structure but not over structure so the client can grow

Advanced Accountability

Established in 20016

• High-end Extended Care sober living for men

• Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor on staff

• Biweekly accountability groups

• 12-Step based program

• Individual, group, and family therapy sessions weekly

• Behavioral and Life Skills Training/ Life Coaching

• 24 hour staff supervision with random drug testing and nightly

The Road To Recovery

Established in 2000. Revamped in 2016

• New management committed to 12-step recovery

• Revamped and modernized program

• Affordable Extended Care sober living

• Structured accountability program

• DARS funding available for eligible clients

• 90 day to 6 month rate packages available

• Strong alumni program with 15 year history

• Daily on-site meetings.